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Sit in a circle. Pick one person to be the "cat." The "cat" can only do what a cat can do as she goes up to a person and tries to make her laugh. The person who is approached must say with out smiling or laughing, "Nice kitty, nice kitty" while patting the "cat" from the top of her head to the end of her back. If the approached person succeeds in doing this, then the "cat" must approach someone else. If the person laughs or smiles before completing the words and actions required, she is then the "cat." Cats can clean themselves, get moody, get comfortable on someone's lap, lean, fall asleep, scratch, lick, bite, tickle, breathe, meow, purr, etc. The person must move to the person like a cat would. Crawl, stretch, paw, pose, bat at toys, hunt, pounce . . . it's all admissible! (If someone feels uncomfortable with a particular cat behavior, the people playing can rule it out from that game.)

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