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Flight 409

This was originally found at the Zarahemla Book Shoppe site at The site is gone, so I am including this excellent idea on my site until it returns.

It is not totally doctrinally accurate (The Spirit World is not the same thing as the Telestial Kingdom and God will not make a mistake and send us to the wrong kingdoms), but I did not want  to take the liberty of changing someone else's work.  Consider changing it as you see fit to better match D & C 76 and other revelations.

**An alternative script and set up is included below**

**The script is included below**

This fireside was done with a script that one of the leaders obtained from another ward. I can get a copy of it to anyone who needs it if you can’t find it locally. The feedback from the youth was amazing. One young woman mentioned that she had seen it done before, but our attention to detail made it even better. I really feel that is important. This is how we did it, but it could certainly be done in different variations:

The youth were told weeks in advance that the fireside was to occur but were never told what it was or what to expect. The fireside was held on a Sunday, so that day during their meetings they were given plane tickets. Each ticket was made to resemble an actual ticket, with their names on it and on the stub (to be ripped off later). Tickets were made for every single person on the roll, inactive or not. If they were not in attendance, the ticket was taken to their home. We wanted 100% attendance.

To ensure that all were there on time, the youth were picked up by members of the ward and taken to the church. They entered the building and went directly to the airport lobby (gym) that was set up with chairs, newspapers, and magazines. There was a podium where two attendants stood waiting for the plane to arrive to take tickets. We hooked up a microphone into which a member was speaking as if it were a real airport. "Would John Doe please come to the information booth . . ."

The flight was called and the stubs were removed from the tickets and kept for later use. Depending on how your building is set up, you can do it this way or a better way. The kids were guided our one side of the gym and onto the stage (plane). The stewardesses and captain greeted the passengers as they boarded. The curtains were drawn tight and there were two rows of three chairs set up for the passengers. After they had taken their seats (there were a few extra), some of the leaders boarded as well. We had an audio tape of the whole scenario. The captain welcomed everyone aboard, went through the safety features, etc. The plane then took off. The audio tape actually had the sounds of the take-off and cruising. The tape lasts about 20 minutes or so, during which the stewardesses served peanuts and drinks and we began watching a movie.

Then the plane began to crash. The noise was loud and we flashed the lights. At this point, watch the deacons carefully. J Then there was silence and darkness. The lights were turned on and there were two spirits (members) standing at the front of the plane. The man told the passengers there had been an accident. The plane had crashed and there were no survivors. He then called the leaders by name and asked them to go with the sister next to him (the sister was dressed in white). The leaders were led off the plane to go change into their white clothes.

Meanwhile, the kids were led off the plane and down the hall to the Telestial kingdom. It was dark, cold and empty. There was a spirit there in plain clothes huddled in the corner. The spirit that led them there read the script. He told them why they were there and how they got there. The script comes mostly out of D&C 76. He told them of what they did in their lives and the choices they made that led them to this kingdom.

A spirit in white came in the room and whispered to the man. He said there had been a mistake, that they actually belong in the Terrestrial kingdom. That room was warm and lit. There was a spirit there who told them why they were there and read from the "book of life." (the script is wonderful for these speeches)

Again a spirit came in and whispered. They were taken to the Celestial kingdom. We set it up so that they walked through the gym (chairs put away) into the overflow area. Here there was an older couple on a couch (white sheet over), a young married couple standing together, and a family. All of which were dressed in white. The family sang a song for the youth. As they were standing in there, they could hear music coming from the chapel. The bishop's wife was at the podium with all the ticket stubs (names on them). She called each young man and young woman by name to enter into the celestial kingdom (chapel). As they walked into the room one by one, they could see all the leaders dressed in white, the bishopric and their wives on the stand all dressed in white, and a small orchestra (it could be a choir) dressed in white playing beautiful hymns. All who were there were in white. The bishop greeted each one as they came in by shaking their hands and saying welcome. The orchestra played for awhile longer to calm everyone and make an impact.

The bishop’s wife then explained why they were there and what choices they had made so that they could dwell there. The bishop then stood and expounded upon what had been said earlier and had happened. He bore his testimony and opened up the remaining time to the youth to bear their testimonies. It was beautiful.

This fireside probably made more of an impact on me than the youth, but I know that they were touched. The script was a great help with what to say in each of the kingdoms. Let me know what you think.


The Script

Telestial World

Passengers of Flight 409, your plane has just crashed. There are no survivors.

You are in the Spirit World and in the Telestial Kingdom. There is no pain or death here. Things are much better them on earth.

This Telestial Glory is that of the lesser, as the stars differ from the glory of the moon. There are many kingdoms in this Telestial Glory. The inhabitants of this Telestial world are as innumerable as the stars in the firmament of heaven, or as the sands upon the seashore. (Doctrine and Covenants 76:109)

You have earned the Telestial Kingdom because you lived a Telestial Life on earth. You will have a Telestial body in the eternities forever and ever You are here forever because you have been devilish.

You have not accepted a testimony of Jesus Christ. You are liars, thieves, and adulterers. You are blasphemers and murderers. You have lied and cheated. You have taken the name of the Lord in vain. You have had other gods before the Lord. You have worshipped beautiful clothes, cars, homes, popularity, more than the Lord. You have not kept the Sabbath day holy. You have not honored your mother and father. You have committed sexual sins of petting, fornication, adultery. You have read and enjoyed filthy stories. You have told filthy jokes and laughed at them. You have enjoyed pornography. You have not always meant to be immoral, but you have stayed up late at night and petted and gone to far to turn back from sexual sins. You have broken the Word of Wisdom, and smoked and drank, and taken things into your body you should not have. You have not maintained High Moral Standards. You have not repented of these grievous sins before the Lord, while on earth.

Oh why did you not repent and ask for forgiveness? The Lord would have forgiven you. You are they who do not receive the gospel of Christ. You did not receive a testimony of Jesus by study, by service, by prayer and by faith.

Your body shall sleep in the grave for 1,000 years while the millennium comes to pass. You will not be allowed to be with the Savior during his 1,000 year reign, but must leave your body in the grave for that time. You shall not be redeemed from the devil until the last resurrection. You shall arise from the dead in the last resurrection.

You will not live together as a family. You will be separated and single for all eternity. You will not have a husband or wife. You will never have any children for ever and ever.

You shall be judged according to your actions and works on earth. You shall all receive according to what you did while you lived on earth. Here, for all eternity you will be ministering servants of the Most High. (D&C 76:112). But where God and Christ dwell you cannot come, worlds without end (D&C 76:112). You shall never be with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Forever and ever you shall live in these conditions throughout eternity. Oh, why did you not repent? It was not too late while you lived on earth to repent.

(A man enters and appears to converse with reader. Reader then speaks to group)

This brother has just brought me word that we have received more recent information. You, of flight 409, were supposed to have reported to the Terrestrial World. Please leave the Telestial World at once and follow this brother. Please move quietly through the heavens to the Terrestrial World. No talking please.

Terrestrial World

Members of Flight 409, welcome to the Terrestrial world! We have been waiting for you.

Because of the life you have lived while upon the earth, you have inherited the Terrestrial glory. This glory differs from the Celestial glory as the moon differs from the glory of the sun..

And out of the books you shall be judged. (Opens book and begins to read).

Each one of you has earned for yourself a Terrestrial body. You shall have this body forever and ever. You have not been valiant in your testimony of Jesus Christ nor have you lived all the principles of the gospel. May we explain who is in this kingdom:

1. In this Terrestrial Kingdom we have all the accountable persons who have died without the law, and who have not fully accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ when it was taught to them here in the spirit world.

2. Also in this Kingdom are they who rejected the gospel while they lived upon the earth, but have seen the error of their ways and have now accepted the gospel here in the spirit world.

3. Here too, we have all the honorable and good men and women of the earth who did not accept the gospel because they were blinded by the craftiness of men, but did live honest and upright lives.

4. Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also here. Although these people have had a testimony of the Savior and the divinity of the great latter day work, they have not been valiant and strong in the faith. They have been lukewarm in their devotion and their service to the Church. They have failed to live righteously and to keep all the covenants they have made.

You souls of Flight 409 have been assigned to this Kingdom because you are a part of this Latter-day Saint group. You have kept part of the commandments of God, but you have ignored others. You have lived honorable and upright lives, but you have not fully conformed to the standards of the Church, nor have you been sanctified or purified by the Holy Spirit through true repentance.

If only you had repented while you were upon the earth in the flesh! Were you not taught that it is never too late to repent? Did you not know how dearly your Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to come back into his Kingdom? Also your earthly parents...All you people in this Terrestrial Kingdom must remain unmarried, with no families, and without exaltation forever and ever.

You can never go on to the Celestial glory, you must remain in the Terrestrial world throughout eternity. You shall have the privilege of having the presence on the Son, Jesus Christ in your midst, but you shall not have the fulness of the Father. (D&C 76:77) This means that you cannot live with your Heavenly Father, nor can you ever come into his presence worlds without end.

(Man in white enters and whispers a message to the narrator.)

More recent information has been received and you people are not to be in this Kingdom. Please follow this brother and he will direct you to your destination. We are asking you to go very quietly, and remember there is to be absolutely no talking. (Group move into Celestial area).

A few suggested special effects for the Celestial Kingdom.

* Have it in the Chapel or an area where the lights can be dimmed and a spotlight put on the speaker.

* Have more than just the Stake President in front. Have several councilmen and their wives with them.

* Everyone in front should be dressed in white.

* Soft "celestial music" should greet the group.

* To keep the Spirit, go directly into the song and prayer after the speaker is through.

Celestial Kingdom

Welcome to the Glory, the Peace, the Joy and Happiness of the Celestial Kingdom! We have been waiting for you. Your names are written in Heaven. (D&C 76:68) You have repented of your sins while in the flesh and have earned for yourselves a celestial glory.

The glory of your celestial body is that of the sun, even the glory of God, the highest of all, whose glory the sun of the firmament is written of as being typical. (D&C 76:70).

You have kept the commandments. By keeping the commandments you have been washed and cleansed from all your sins, and have received the Holy Ghost. You have overcome all things. You have overcome by Faith. By entering the gate of repentance and baptism you entered on the straight and narrow path leading to this celestial kingdom. Your devotion and faithfulness, by enduring to the end in righteousness and obedience, have merited you the Celestial Kingdom. (2 Nephi 31: 17-21 )

You are joint heirs with Christ to All that the Father hath. You shall receive the fullness of the glory of the Father, becoming Gods in your own right. (D&C 132, Doctrines of Salvation Vol. 2, pg. 58-99) You shall come forth in the first resurrection. You are they whom He shall bring with Him, when He shall come in the clouds of Heaven to reign on the earth over His people. You shall be with the Savior during his 1,000 years of millennial reign. You are upright men and women made perfect through Jesus the mediator of the new covenant who wrought out this perfect atonement through the shedding of his own blood. (D&C 76:69)

You have listened to the voice and counsels of the prophets of God. Celestial marriage in the Temple of the Lord is the gate to exaltation in the highest heaven in the Celestial World. (D&C 131: 1-4) You have listened to the Prophet and followed his direction and been married in the Temple. You kept all your covenants made there.

You shall become Gods. You shall be together as families forever and ever ... father, mother and children. You shall have spirit children and create worlds. Your reward for faithfulness and righteousness in all things is to be together forever as husbands and wives, as parents and children ... together forever and ever throughout all eternity.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter ye into the joy of the Lord. These shall dwell in the presence of God and His Christ forever and ever. (D&C 76:62)

(Testimony of Stake President)

Things to remember:

The plane ride and crash should be made as realistic as possible. Things like plane tickets, stewardesses, serving 7-Up etc., the voice of the plane captain over the intercom (this can be recorded on tape) and the flash of a red light when the plane crashes will add to the realism.

Keep the knowledge of the plane crash available only to those directly involved with helping. The element of surprise and shock is very effective.

Have all speakers be priesthood holders. Everyone in the Kingdoms should be dressed in white.


After gathering in the gym, youth will take a simulated plane trip on the stage.  The plane will crash, leading no survivors.  They will then be lead to the primary room where they will hear about the Telestial kingdom.  Next they will return to the gym to hear about the Terrestrial Kingdom.  Then the overflow area will open up to welcome them into the celestial Kingdom (the chapel).  The activity will then conclude, with refreshments served in the gym.

Advance preparation

Without giving away any details of the planned activity, be sure youth are aware that something special has been planned.  Prepare some sort of airplane ticket, to be either given in advance (possibly the Sunday before) or handed out that night.  The tickets should have their names, plus a stub that can be torn off with their name on it, too.  Perhaps actual airline envelopes could be used.  They could be told they will be taking a trip, or something to that effect, but since this activity seems to have the greatest impact when it happens without warning, we dont want them to compare notes with youth from other wards who may have participated in this sort of activity previously.

Set up

Gym: Made to resemble airport waiting area with chairs, magazines (how about New Era or Ensign?), etc.  A ticket agent should have some sort of table and microphone to give boarding information.

Stage: Made to look like the interior of an airplane, with rows of seats.  A cart with small snacks could be prepared for an in-flight meal.  Optional: a TV with VCR for an in-flight movie.

Primary room: To be used as Telestial Kingdom area.  Should be dimly lit.  A window could be left open so the room will be cold.  No chairs or tables.  The room should be slightly uncomfortable.  Halls could be dark as they travel.

Gym: During plane and Telestial experiences, gym can be reset for Terrestrial Kingdom area.  Chairs could be moved to a cozier arrangement than they were for airport waiting area.  Maybe a table with a cloth and small centerpiece.

Overflow: To be used as transition area between Terrestrial (gym) and Celestial (chapel), Should have a few small tables with cloths and decorations.  The plants from the entries and foyer lamps could be brought in to make it nicer.  There should be a marked contrast from the gym, yet since it is difficult to decorate the chapel, it shouldn't make the chapel appear bare.

Chapel: Flowers and recorded (or live) music will help add to the effect.  All participants in chapel should be dressed in white.

Participants: (assignments)
Ticket agent in gym who will also help with boarding (YW)
Stewards/stewardesses (YM/YW)
Pilot(s) (could be live or prerecorded) (YM)
Escorts, dressed in white, to take them to the primary room, gym, and finally to the chapel. (YW)
Telestial Kingdom speaker (YM)
Terrestrial Kingdom speaker (YM)
Celestial Kingdom speaker(s) (could be married couple) (YM)

About 7:00 Youth will gather in the gym when they arrive.  They can visit, sit, or read magazines.  The ticket agent will announce periodically that they must have their tickets ready.  She can distribute them from her "desk", being sure that the names are written on the ticket in two places.  At the appropriate time, she announces that boarding is about to begin.  The pilot(s) might enter through that door just prior to boarding.  The stewardess can open the side stage door, and the ticket agent will then collect ticket stubs (tearing each stub off) as the youth enter to climb the stairs to the stage.  Seats may be assigned or
not.  The stewardess will help them get seated, giving instructions on stowing carry-ons, etc.  When everyone is boarded, the flight begins.  Adult leaders who are not otherwise participating might choose to be passengers if it would be helpful for crowd control.  This activity is not as effective if the youth act silly.

About 7:15 As the flight begins, the stewardess can give normal safety instructions, and the pilot will welcome them aboard.  All proceeds like a normal flight for a while.   Snacks can be served, a movie can be shown (started, at least--how about a Church video), then suddenly there is the loud sound of a crash.  The light all go black, and the announcement is made that the flight has crashed, leaving no survivors.  One or two escorts appear and give minimal instructions to follow them silently.

About 7:25 They take the group to the primary room.  The youth can be instructed to stand, or sit on the floor, but not next to anyone else.

No talking is allowed.  A plainly dressed person, standing in a dark corner proceeds to tell them they are about to enter the Telestial Kingdom.  After a discussion of the situation there, and the type of lives that have led them to this place, an escort enters to announce that there has been a mistake, and please follow her.

About 7:40 They follow her to the gym.  There, the youth can sit in chairs, and should be more comfortable.  A nicely dressed person tell them about the Terrestrial Kingdom.  The escort returns to announce that they are once again to follow.   The overflow area is opened, and the youth enter what should appear to be a much nicer place.  They should be reminded throughout that there is to be no talking.

About 7:55 When they have assembled, the curtain separating the chapel opens. They should have been able to hear music coming from there.  Someone at the pulpit reads their names, taken from the boarding passes, and they enter the celestial kingdom one by one.   Escorts take them individually to the choir seats.

When all have entered and are seated, a speaker or speakers talk to them about the Celestial Kingdom.

After the conclusion, refreshments may be served in the gym.

Suggested script:

Speakers in all areas need to be certain of doctrinal accuracy, and try to remain positive.  The main purpose of exposure to the lesser kingdoms is not to chastise for past sins, but to create the feeling of missing out on something better.  They should understand, however, that the requirements are real, and that our actions really do make a difference to our eternal salvation.  We want them to not settle for less than the best, and to realize that the best is within their reach.  Since each kingdom is a kingdom of glory, we don't want to teach that the lesser kingdoms are cold and unfriendly places, but do want to emphasize a difference between them.  The scripts here are based upon a fax received from someone who has done this before.  Consider them a starting point.

Telestial Kingdom

We welcome you here.  You have passed through the spirit world, and are now about to enter the Telestial Kingdom.  Here there is no pain, no death.  In fact, life is much better here than it was on earth.  And yet, if you could choose, you would not want to stay here.  For the glory of this kingdom is that of the lesser - as the stars differ from the moon.  But the greater joy is beyond your reach now.  You belong to this kingdom, the lesser glory.  You and all the others.

When you left your parents tonight, did you tell them how much you loved them? And your brothers and sisters; did you tell them how great it was to belong to the same family?   Did you tell them how much you love them all?  Did you love them enough to try to be worthy to live with them in eternity?  There are no families here in the Telestial Kingdom; no mothers, no fathers, no grandparents, no children, only you.

Your one chance to live your life on earth is through.  And now your body will sleep in the grave for the thousand years of the millennium..  Until the LAST resurrection.  You will have a lot of time to contemplate on the things that are lost.  You must stay here while others go on to a joyful reunion with our Father and Christ, two loved ones who will never come here.

Perhaps you wonder why you are here.  Perhaps you already know.  Here are those who would not receive the gospel
of Christ, or those who failed to receive a testimony of Jesus by study, by service, by prayer, by faith.  They are here because they have not maintained high moral standards.  They are liars, thieves, adulterers, blasphemers, and murderers.   They have taken the name of the Lord in vain; had other gods before the Lord.   Worshipped clothes, card, homes, popularity more than the Lord.  Did not keep the Sabbath Day holy.  Did not honor their fathers and mothers.  Committed sexual sins.  The list goes on and on..  Those sins, unrepented, earned your place in this kingdom.  Maybe you feel bad now that you made mistakes.  Maybe you thought it wouldn't matter, and you thought tomorrow would be soon enough to repent and do better.  You believed you had plenty of tomorrow's left.  You expected the Lord to forgive you, and He was ready to keep that promise when you repented.   But you didn't

You are here in the Telestial Kingdom because you lived a Telestial life on earth.   You will remain here as a ministering servant to more worthy persons.

Terrestrial Kingdom

Brothers and Sisters, I am here to welcome you to the Terrestrial World.  We have been waiting for you.  Because of the life you lived while on earth, you have inherited the Terrestfial glory.  This glory differs from the Celestial glory as the moon differs from the glory of the sun.

(Opens book and read) []And out of the books you shall be judged.  You have earned for yourselves a terrestrial body.  Unlike those with Celestial bodies, you were not valiant in your testimony of Jesus Christ, nor did you live all of the principles of the Gospel.

Let me explain who is in this kingdom.  In the Terrestrial Kingdom are all the accountable persons who die without the law of the gospel on earth.  Then, when it was taught to them in the spirit world, they would not accept it.

Also in this kingdom are the people who rejected the gospel while on earth, but have now accepted it here in the spirit world.  Their rejection of the truth while in mortality has barred their way to the Celestial Kingdom.  They will remain here in the Terrestrial Kingdom.

Here too, are all of the honest and good men and women of the earth who did not accept the gospel, but did live honorable and upright lives.

Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lafter-day Saints are here also, These people did have a testimony of the Satior and His great work.  Unfortunately they were not a valiant and strong in the faith, and only lukewarm in their devotion and their serace to the gospel.

They should have been among the valiant.  They had all the knowledge, guidance, and opportunities to succeed.  Many thought they would, for they lived honorable and upright lives; up to a point, that is.  And that point is the point of division between God's home and your present one.

These Lafter-day Saints usually attended church - unless there was something better to do, like fbotball, boating, skiing, tennis, tiddly-winks.

They paid their tithes and offefing to the Lord, or at least what they could spare after everything else was taken care of.  They usually accepted church positions, then performed the bare minimum to get by.  They claimed to be more than willing help the sick or widowed, if they had only known any.

Your souls of flight 409 have been assigned to this kingdom because you are part of that Latter-day group.  You tried hard to keep the commandments, as long as it was easy to do.  If only you had understood where your path was headed, you would have changed while you were on earth.  Didnl you realize that it was never too late to repent while you were there?  Don't you know how dearly your Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to return to His kingdom?  And what about your earthly parents?  All the people in the Terrestrial Kingdom must remain unmarried, with no families.  That privilege is reserved for those deserving of greater glory.

You will have the privilege of having the Son, Jesus Christ, in your midst, but you will not be visited by Heavenly Father, nor can you go to where He is.

Celestial Kingdom

Welcome to the glory, the peace, the joy and happiness of the Celestial Kingdom.  We have been waiting for you, for you names are written in heaven.

Because you have repented of your sins while in the flesh, you have been granted a Celestial glory; a glory that is that of the sun, even the glory of God, the highest of all.

By entering the gate of repentance and baptism, you entered on the straight and narrow path leading here to the Celestial Kingdom.  Your trials and temptations were no more or no less than others, but you overcame all things by faith.  By keeping the commandments you have been washed and cleansed from all your sins and have received the Holy Ghost.

By enduring to the end in righteousness and obedience, you have earned the right to be joint heirs with Christ to all that the Father has.  You will receive the fullness of the glory of the Father, becoming gods in your own right.

You will come forth in the first resurrection, for you are the valiant whom Christ will bring with Him when He comes in the clouds of Heaven to reign over His people.  You will be with Him during His thousand years of millennial reign.

Celestial marriage in the temple of the Lord is the gate to exaltation in the highest heaven in the Celestial World.  You listened to the voice of the prophet whom God has sent to earth.  You were married in the temple, and you kept every covenant you made there.

You will be together as families forever.  You will have spirit children and create new worlds.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Enter ye into the joy of the Lord." You shall dwell in the presence of God and Christ forever and ever.

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