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Secret Sister Ideas

Some secret sister gifts I have done in the past:

Small terra cotta pot, painted and filled with a candy that goes along with the camp theme.  Apx. $.99

At craft stores I have found blank 3 X 5 puzzle boards.  They are still connected, you write a message to your secret sister, then break up the pieces and wrap them up.   Your secret  sister has to put it together to see the message. About $.99

Buy an electric switch plate cover.  Use glow in the dark puff paint and write something cute like, " Let Your Light So Shine".  When they turn off their light the message will glow in their room for a few minutes.  Also about $.99

Make a pillow case for your secret sister with material that goes along with the camp theme.  Use fabric paints to add the camp name and the year. ~bndy8s

We did secret sisters last year at camp and I used the plastic shoe organizers - the one's that hang on the back of your door - and that's what we used for the "mailboxes".  It worked great - we just hung it in a common area where it was accessable to everyone. Each of the girls had a secret sister and they would put things into their secret sisters "mailbox". We have a few things that we put in their boxes but a majority of the things were done by the girls. ~Gerilyn

I want to share an idea with you for something we are doing with our YW for camp this year.  At camp, each girl is assigned a secret sister and each day of camp they sneak and leave little gifts or treats on each others' pillows.  On the last day of camp, secret sisters are revealed by leaving your name with the last gift.

So, as a combined activity we are going to have a SS Gift Night.  Each leader has been asked to come up with a craft idea that can be made very quickly and inexpensively.  (I think I'm going to do the Prayer Rock I got off this list).  We are going to have "stations" set up in the room for each craft.  I think we may even have a wrapping station, but I'm not sure yet.  Anyway, the end result will be that each YW will have their SS gifts. 

YW that aren't going to camp, will have about five little gifts to take home with them to use for whatever reason.  ~Jan

Prayer Rock with poem -- I'm doing this one.  All I did was use rocks (from my side yard!!!) and used regular colored markers to decorate.  I put "Helaman 5:12" on the bottom side, "Say Your Prayers" on the top, PRAYER ROCKS !!! on a side and "Pray w/out ceasing" on the other.  Was this a boulder you ask?  No, it was about the size of a small child's fist.  Additionally, I put flowers, a sun with sunglasses and a bird and other decorations including "YW CAMP '99" on the rock.  It turned out cute and my skeptical Beehive daughter even liked it.  I plan to provide stuff to wrap it up and attach the poem that goes with it.

Potpourri Jar -- a small, glass jar like a votive candle holder filled with potpourri.  Then she covered it with white netting with a bow and flower decorations to close it off.

Scripture Marker -- I don't know what it's called but she plans to use that white, plastic grid stuff that you use for sewing or something. Can you tell I'm not much into stitchery???  Then you get all the value colors in narrow ribbon and tie each piece separately to the top of a marker sized piece of the grid.  Then you have a marker to stick in your scriptures that helps you mark several scriptures at once.   I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE!!

"I Love You Because" Heart -- At the SS Night, the leader doing this will give each girl a kit so they can do this at camp.  You copy a decorative heart onto card stock.  During the week, the YW will secretly keep an eye on her secret sister and right down positive things about her.  "I saw you help blah, blah, blah" or "You are especially kind to everyone" or "You were great in your skit today" or other positive remarks to fill the entire heart.  This will be the last gift given so she will sign her name to the heart, revealing herself as the secret sister.

We are only doing four gifts since our camp in only going to be Monday through Friday.  We are all excited about this activity and we hope the YW enjoy making the crafts!! ~Jan

This isn't an idea of a secret sister gift but rather how we do secret sisters.

We have quite a few inactives who come to camp so we would have the problem of someone forgetting to bring secret sister gifts and one or two girls getting hurt because they didn't get anything.  So now we have every girl and leader bring some small thing for every other girl and leader.  For example:  if we had 15 girls and 4 leaders going to camp I would need to bring 19 of the same thing to give to everyone else.  We made little bags that were hung in the main cabin and each day we chose names of those to give their "gifts".  By doing this everyone got something each day and everyone got the same things.  If one girl did forget she could make something at camp for everybody.  Nobody got hurt.  It worked really well for us. ~Jennifer

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