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Craft Ideas

Make jewelry boxes. Wooden ones can be bought at crafts stores. The girls could sand them, and then decorate, paint, and/or stain them. Or make them out of greeting cards. Use greeting cards with a full front and back and a picture which is centered on the front. Cut the front from the back. Measure and cut off 1/8 of an inch from each side of the back. Then draw lines on both the front piece of the card and the back piece of the card indicating 1/2 and 1 inch in from the edges.

*Follow these instructions for both the front and the back of the card.* After your lines are drawn, cut where the dark lines are shown (see illustration). Then fold each side in towards the center of the card, first at the 1/2 line, then doubling over at the 1 inch line. The inside of the card will become the inside of your box. Fold the longer sides to make a corner with the shorter sides. Hot glue or staple the short side to the longer side with the longer side closer to the inside. Do the same thing to all of the corners. If you would like taller boxes, increase the distance measured from the edge of the card from 1/2 inch and 1 inch to 1 and 2 inches respectively, or more.

Make stationary from plain white paper. Place paper in a tray with 1/2 inch or less of water in it. Cover the entire sheet of paper with water. Scrape colored chalk with scissors or other hard object over the tray with water. Swirl the chalk into designs, if desired. Carefully lift the paper out of the water and leave it to dry on rags or other absorbant material that won't stick to the paper. Be careful to not let the paper get too soggy. When the paper is dry, you have personalized stationary to use.

Make bead necklaces.

Decorate thin slices of 2" or so wide branches. Use paints, wood burning tools, alphabet pasta, lace, beads, or woodstain.

Decorate T-shirts.

Decorate canvas shoes.

Make necklaces out of big beads and bandanas. You can place cotton balls in between the beads within the bandana to make the bandana show up more and keep the beads in place.

Make flower arrangements.

Make candles.

Make bird feeders.

Decorate picture frames.

Do glass etchings of the temple.

Make belts out of leather, material, decorative chain, buckles, lace, etc.

Decorate teddy bears.

Make necklace holders.

Make a rock group (decorate rocks like people).

Make a Christmas ornament out of outdoor materials.

Decorate small wreathes.

Make a cloth bound or wooden covered journal.

Make loaves and fishes, sheep, or other Biblical objects out of a play dough mix.

Decorate a frame and put the poem "Footprints" in it.

Make oil lamps just like the ones they used during Jesus' time. Make scented oil, or provide some in a pretty container to take home. Or put colored marbles in it to look like oil.

Make candles or candlestick holders out of clay, dough, or wood to remind the girls to let their lights shine.

Give wooden blocks to carve. Joseph was a carpenter and probably taught Jesus his trade. Liken it to how we are getting shaped by the Master Carpenter.

Learn to make soap how the pioneers did.

Decorate pioneer bonnets.

Make pioneer styled dolls.

Decorate plates commemorating the pioneer's entrance to the Salt Lake Valley.

Make small quilts or rag rugs.

Decorate aprons.

Make jam jar top decorations.

Make rainbows using the value colors out of wood or plastic mesh covered with yarn.

Make Tin Punch Christmas ornaments. Collect the tops of juice concentrate cans for this craft (ones without dates or writing on them). Make several dot designs that will fit onto the juice can tops such as stars, hearts, trains, candy canes, toy blocks, etc. To make the design appear on the tops, tape the design onto the front of the lid. Pound a nail onto each dot. If you pound the nail through, it makes a lantern effect in front of Christmas lights. If you don't pound it all of the way through, it makes a 3-D effect. Decorate the edges with ribbons, lace, bows, or material. Pound a hole in the top for a hook. Voila!

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