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Following In His Footsteps

Select several things Jesus did: acts of service and love, carrying his cross, teaching others, that the girls could update to copy in a modern world or follow in a figurative sense. Set up several stations where the girls could act out those things. E.g.--help someone who is lame, blind, deaf, or sick. Feed sheep figuratively or literally. Write your own stories or parables to teach something (it doesn't have to be religious). Make a craft which would tell one of the parables Jesus taught. Make a mini house upon the sand and a mini house upon a stable rock and try to smash them: see which one gets smashed first. Figuratively take up Christ's cross--do something that is right even though it is hard. (Do not have the girls pretend that they're doing miracles, act out the crucifixion, or anything like that. I think we're asked not to do that and it would be hard to do that reverently anyway.)

While on a hike (even if it's just a walk around the camp), have a person look injured and helpless (don't let the girls know it is just for pretend). Have the girls give some of their snacks, water, and medical attention to the person to practice being like the Good Samaritan.

Read over President Thomas S. Monson's talk in the May '97 Ensign "They Showed the Way" (p. 50). Perhaps that could give you a starting place for activities or presentations.

Me, age 12, at a camp, writing in my journal.

Plan a short hike while the girls are fasting (in the cool of the evening or early in the morning. Read the part about Jesus fasting in the wilderness for forty days. Give them time to find their own spot to think, pray and write in a journal. After the time is up, break the fast and serve muffins and juice.

Craft ideas:

Make loaves and fishes out of a play dough mix.

Decorate a frame and put the poem "Footprints" in it.

Make T-shirts with footprints on it that say Come, Follow Me.

Make oil lamps just like the ones they used during Jesus' time. Make scented oil, or provide some in a pretty container to take home. Or put colored marbles in it to look like oil.

Make candles or candlestick holders out of clay, dough, or wood to remind the girls to let their lights shine.

Give wooden blocks to carve. Joseph was a carpenter and probably taught Jesus his trade. Liken it to how we are getting shaped by the Master Carpenter.

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