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Get to know each other better by spending several hours weeding, hoeing, picking peas or beans, or digging up carrots. You'll have plenty of time to talk and get bonus points from your parents at the same time. If it gets hot, have a water fight while watering the yard or garden. Once your gardens are weeded, go around the neighborhood weeding other people's gardens for money (for your next date). Cool off with fruit juice slushes under a big tree.

Take your brothers or sisters out for ice cream so your mom and dad can get something done around the house or do something together.

Do the family grocery shopping.

Clean out the fridge together.

Surprise everyone by making cookies.

Build or fix something around the house.

Wash the Dog.
Have a neighborhood dog wash.

Help somebody move.

Collect food for a food bank.

Volunteer at a library, hospital, community center, or senior center.

Volunteer to help with a ward activity.

Make dinner for the family. Then wash the dishes afterwards. There is nothing more romantic than holding hands in warm bubbly dishwater.

Contact the Relief Society and offer to baby-sit during Homemaking meeting. Make sure you're with a responsible group.

Clean a room together.

Collect recyclable materials and take them to a recycle center.

Serve food at a soup kitchen.

Help at the Bishop's Storehouse and Cannery.

Have a party where everyone donates food to come in. Donate food to a homeless shelter.

Rake someone's yard for them.

Make food baskets for the needy.

Clean out the garage or basement.

Wash windows or paint together.

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