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Dating Hints and Etiquette

1) Thank him for asking you out. Thank him for other nice things he does on the date.

2) Compliment him. Did he dress up especially nice? Does his hair look good? Is his cologne terrific? Is the spot he chose a great place for a date? Tell him.

3) Don't worry about yourself--your hair, make-up, etc. You looked great when you checked. It probably hasn't changed. Check again in the bathroom, but when you're with him, forget about it.

4) Focus on him. He's probably a little nervous, especially if this is your first date together. Try to make him comfortable by asking him questions and making him feel important. Pretty soon you'll feel very comfortable yourself.

DO's for Dating

Be yourself.
Be polite and remember to pay sincere compliments.
Invite your date in and introduce him to your family.
Young men, help your date with her coat.
Young women, let your date help you with your coat.
Young men, open doors for your date.
Young women, let your date open doors for you.
Wear modest clothing for all occasions.
Plan dates around church activities, dances, firesides, etc.
Abide by parents' rules and be home on time.
Find out about common interests so you can carry on a conversation.
Young men, pick your date up on time.
Young women, be ready when your date comes to get you.
If eating out, let the young man order first or suggest the first idea for what to get so the young woman will know the price range he has in mind.
Remember to thank your date and have fun.
Young men, always walk to the door to pick up your date, and walk her back up to the door to drop her off.
Young women, always wait for the young man to come to the door to pick you up and let him walk you up to your door to drop you off.

DON'Ts for Dating

Don't do all of the talking, give the other person a chance.
Don't interrupt when someone else is speaking.
Young women, don't let your date honk the horn for you. Have him come in and get you.
Young men, don't honk the horn for your date. Go inside to get her.
Don't lower your standards to go along with a group.
Don't keep your date waiting.
Don't take your date for granted.
Don't stand on the porch or sit in the car after the date. Go in the house to talk.
Don't criticize your date or cut yourself down.
Don't pay more attention to other people than your date.
Don't be impolite or use bad manners.

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