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Develop Talents Together

Fine Arts

Write a song together.
Take an art class together.
Take a drama class together.
Take Dancing Lessons together.
Sing or play musical instruments together.

Learn how to cook something together.

Try out for a school or community play.

Have a Christmas caroling party

Go to a community dance.

Make candles together

Prepare a Song for Church

Music chairpeople are always looking for sacrament meeting musical numbers. Pick a song and get the chairperson's approval. Or sing for a fireside or Sunday meeting. Invite several couples to sing with you. Hold several practices and break a note!

Sports and other Active Talents

Take a fitness class together.
Show off your gymnastic skills.
Go running, hiking, biking, or sledding.
Have a snowball fight.
Go on a walking field trip.
Climb a tree.
Play racquetball.

Play basketball, baseball, volleyball or other sports together.

Work out in a gym together. Lift weights, do aerobics, work on the machines, toss the medicine ball, jump rope, or do sit-ups on an incline.

Go tubing, fishing, canoeing, boating, wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving, or swimming.

Make up a Playground Olympics. Then do all of the events, or invite others to participate while you judge them. Make lots of prizes.

Go snowshoeing, sledding, or cross-country skiing.

Play on a playground.

Make kites and fly them.

Play football in the snow. Use something other than a football, i.e. a white pillow or a ball of packaging bubbles.

Play co-ed basketball on skateboards on a playground. The first half, the guys sit on the boards and the girls push them (only the guys can shoot). The second half reverse positions and roles.

Play mud volleyball or water balloon volleyball. (For water balloon volleyball, hold out a large beach towel between two players or a sheet between several players. Catch the balloon in and then launch it from the towel or sheet. Have many balloons ready for action.)

Play miniature golf, Frisbee golf, or just golf.

Shoot hoops together.

Go tandem bike riding

Jump on a trampoline

Go snorkeling in a neighborhood pool

Try a Velcro Olympics. All events have to have velcro in the game with two paddles and a tennis ball and velcro is on the paddles.. The ball sticks to them. Try other events with velcro

Intellectual Talents

Study Together (but really study).

Learn about Different Colleges and Universities.

Learn to speak a foreign language (check out books and tapes from the public library).

Teach each other things you're learning in school.

Check out a book on birds. Go on a walk and name every bird you see.

Go to the zoo and find out about all of the animals.

Go to a creek and name all of the animals and insects you see there.

Take classes about chemistry, math, biology, history or whatever else you're interested in together.

Collect insects and identify them.

Check out a book on wildflowers and go to the mountains or woods to identify them (but don't pick them!)

Go to a speech or presentation about a book, scientific discovery, social issue, genealogy, political issue, history, literary theory, etc.

Join a book club together and talk about what you've read.

Learn how to sew something, mend something, or decorate something.

Do astronomy gazing on a clear night

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