"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
March 27, 2006

Why Does God Send Famine?

“What color was manna?  White.  It came from heaven; landed on the ground; melted when the sun came out.  Everybody had to have it for life. All nutrients needed for life.  What color is snow? White. Comes from heaven, lands on ground, melts when sun comes out. Need it for life. We all need it.  Who is the Water of life? Jesus.  Who is the Bread of Life (manna)? Jesus.  Notice when you reject Christ, what does he do?  He withholds one of his types, which is the water of life, and you get famine.  What happens to people in famine?  They repent.  When Nephi wanted the people to repent, God gave Nephi all power.  Nephi asked for famine.  Let’s pull one of the symbols of Christ and see what the people do. Short time later they repent.”

“Remember that all things point to Christ. They are in harmony, and when you are in harmony with all things in nature that typify Christ, then all is well, but if you are out of harmony and get wicked, then all things will be in COMMOTION (D&C 88) and their hearts will fail them, the earth reel to and fro, the sun does weird things, the stars fall, the moon does things it normally doesn’t do, because they are originally made to bear record of Christ.  When their testimony is rejected, they stop bearing testimony in all things, and all things go into commotion.  The system literally points to Christ.  He is in all things and through all things, and if all things stop bearing record, we will be sorry.  It will be as if the earth is turned upside down, shaken and burnt.  Is.24. The history of Israel will eventually become the history of the world.”  — Robert J. Norman