"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
November 13, 2007

Strangers in a strange land

…the everyday things we see about us, far from representing the real world represent the very opposite — a shadow existence, a toy world, the most trivial and transitory aspects of our existence. As to the things we are told to do in our religious observances they should seem strange to us by the very fact that they are not of this world of things. Here we are concerned first and last with the preservation of our physical plant: we are essentially animals; Adam was condemned to an economy of sweat and dirt. All things necessary for that economy — the building of bridges. the processing of food, the selling of insurance, etc. — are temporary in nature. They are but a means to an end, they are not — as we are being constantly told and as we are constantly forgetting — an end in themselves. They are as temporary as our temporary life here below; they belong strictly to the corruptible order of things, and they will all pass away, nay, they are passing away at this moment. It is to them that we as individuals and as a society are wholly conditioned, adapted, reconciled, and abandoned. They represent for our age the whole life of man. Would you expect the eternal ordinances of the gospel to fit naturally and practically into such a setting? Are you surprised that they seem stange and out of place to us? — Hugh Nibley, The World and the Prophets, pgs 136-137