"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
May 11, 2008

Sin Is…Part 4 - Waste

It is correct to say that sin is waste. The consecration of our “time, talents and everything with which the Lord has blessed us” represents our determination not to waste our precious mortal probation. To fritter away our relatively short time on this earth in search of vain and selfish desires is sin, indeed. Any prompting that disobeys, ignores, refutes, fights, or wastes those principles designed to bring about our eternal happiness and eternal association with God is a thought or prompting that we should resolve in turn to disobey, ignore, refute, fight, or let wither out of our personal reach.

Loss of virtue is waste of trust. Failure to nourish relationships is waste of learning about love. Failure to serve is wasted opportunity to grow. The list is long…. Suffice it to say that refusing to abide by the principle will bring waste to our lives.