"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
May 11, 2008

Sin Is…Part 3 - Rebellion

[Classic “good gone bad” is an age-old story in our world. Sin….can be a resulting perversion of….laws and principles that manifests itself through the desires of our hearts.]

Should we choose to disbelieve this or strike out on our own we will come to realize that we are just “kicking against the pricks.” The imagery of kicking against thorns is quite vivid to me. The thorns of a rose, for instance, are very much there – in abundance. To ignore them in attempting to obtain the rose can be “prickly” painful. There is only one way to possess such a beautiful flower – do not touch the thorns! Yet we find ourselves prematurely grabbing only to be hurt. More often than we would like we may find that the pain exceeds the perceived joy.

We have been instructed by knowing prophets that there is only one way to bring about immortality and eternal life – true joy — to man. That is through the atonement of Jesus Christ and keeping the commandments, laws, if you will. The full effect of the atonement can only be brought about through our choosing to accept its precepts. We cannot force anyone to heaven, neither can we legislate righteousness. We must freely see the wisdom and love and then show a commitment to abide by the principles that will lead us to the joy we so desperately seek. It is through our choosing to accept the Bearer of the atonement and he who sent him that will free us from the effects of sin. This way, indeed, we can “have it all” — that is, all that is worth having.