"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
May 11, 2008

Sin Is…Part 2 - Perversion

When we fail to align our lives with eternal principles – temporal or spiritual – we eventually will resort to unsound reasoning and subsequent sinful action. We begin to feel that there must be “some other way” to achieve our deep-rooted yearning for happiness. The feeling is real and deeply rooted; it is a condition and emotion which we experienced previously to this mortal stage of our lives. There are times on this earth where we experience a profound desire to be somewhere else, someone else, where we “just know” that something is missing and, moreover, that we will not be happy without it.

Sin is nothing less than wanting something good but wanting it in a way that violates the very principle(s) that brings happiness about. A prime example of this is given to us in Moses 4, where the good desire of “salvation for all” was offered by Lucifer who simultaneously stated that the loss of agency was the required price to pay to bring such salvation to pass. Another pertinent example is evidenced in sexual relations outside of marriage. The urge to be with someone is very strong in us. “It is not good for man to be alone.” Yet, we see all around us that physical intimacy void of familial responsibility ultimately leads to misery.

Both of these examples are nothing short of man wanting something good but not wanting to obey the laws that bring the desired fruit of living in harmony with such laws into our lives. Classic “good gone bad” is an age-old story in our world. Sin, then, can be a resulting perversion of those laws and principles that manifests itself through the desires of our hearts.