"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
September 9, 2007


Despite this remarkable truth about the Book of Mormon [containing the most profound theological treatment of the Atonement], we Latter-day Saints are, for the most part, only superficially acquainted with our own doctrines of grace, mercy, justice, and the Atonement….each of us needs to take the Atonement more fully into the deep parts of our consciousness…. (Bruce C. Hafen, The Broken Heart, pg. 3, 5)


….emphasizing God’s mercy may lead some to believe they are entitled to divine divine protection against all of life’s natural adversities. There is already enough theological difficulty for those who believe that their activity in the Church should somehow protect them from tragedy and sorrow. Our understanding of the Atonement is hardly a shield against sorrow; rather, it is a rich source of strength to deal productively with the disappointments and heartbreaks that form the deliberate fabric of mortal life. The gospel was given to us to heal our pain, not to prevent it. (Bruce C. Hafen, The Broken Heart, pg. 5)