"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
April 16, 2006


“The Book of Mormon is full of such scriptural patterns that are prophetic for the last days, all of which tie into the prophecies of Isaiah.  Knowing how to recognize these patterns, and the ‘manner’ in which Isaiah prophesies, become invaluable tools for learning about that time.  God expects more of us than to gloss over the substance of his word.  Rather than read the Book of Mormon superficially, we do well to ’search’ its layered meaning.”

” Because we are not familiar with literary methods doesn’t mean they are not valid.  Or because we haven’t heard something repeated a hundred times doesn’t mean it is not true.  Haven’t we learned life’s most valuable lessons when we have kept an open mind?  That was essential to our gaining a testimony of the gospel in the first place.  But those who set up stakes for themselves say. ‘I know enough; I don’t need to know more!’”  — Avraham Gileadi, The Last Days, Introduction, p 4