"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
February 3, 2008


Being converted…and having a testimony are not necessarily the same thing…A testimony comes when the Holy Ghost gives the earnest seeker a witness of the truth.  A moving testimony vitalizes faith; that is, it induces repentance and obedience to the commandments.  Conversion, on the other hand, is the fruit of, or the reward for, repentance and obedience…Conversion is effected by divine forgiveness, which remits sins…Thus he is converted to a newness of life.  His spirit is healed.  (Marion G. Romney, in Conference report, October 1963, p. 24)

May 11, 2006

I Don’t Understand

“We believe that the death of Christ is just that point in history at which something absolutely unimaginable from the outside shows through into our own world.  And if we cannot picture even the atoms of which our own world is built, of course we are not going to be able to picture this.  Indeed, if we found that we could fully understand it, that very fact would show it was not what it professes to be — the inconceivable, the uncreated, the thing from beyond nature, striking down into nature like lightning.  You may ask what good it will be to us if we do not understand it.  But that is easily answered.  A man may eat his dinner without understanding exactly how food nourishes him.  A man can accept Christ without knowing how it works: indeed, he certainly would not know how it works until he has accepted it.

“We are told that Christ was killed for us, that His death has washed away our sins, and that by dying He disabled death itself.  That is the formula.  That is Christianity.  That is what has to be believed.”  C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Christmas Spirit

“Latter-day Saints have always been the greatest advocates of the Christmas spirit; nay, they have shocked and alarmed the world by insisting on recognizing as a real power what the world prefers to regard as a pretty sentiment. Where the seasonal and formal aspect of Christmas is everything, it becomes a hollow mockery. If men really want what they say they do, we have it; but faced with accepting a real Savior who has really spoken with men, they draw back, nervous and ill at ease.

“In the end, lights, tinsel, and sentimentality are safer, but a sense of possibilities still rankles, so to that we all continue to appeal. For by celebrating Christmas the world serves notice that it is still looking for the gospel.” — Hugh Nibley, “Christmas Quest,” 5

Please Don’t Slam the Door

“All belongs to us that we are capable of conceiving, and containing, and enjoying. But what happens? We go and spoil everything, and then in our feelings of guilt, we petulantly slam the door on faith and repentance, and we doggedly pretend to find fulfillment after the “vision splendid” of our immortality has faded into the light of common day, which we smugly call “the real world.” — Hugh Nibley, “Goods of First and Second Intent,” CWHN 9:550

March 23, 2006

Study by Faith


“Another interesting thing, an insight into the personality of our God, when he creates an earth, he provides on it all the evidence for anything you want to believe. This is a testing ground; the first principle of the gospel is faith. The first law is obedience. Those two go hand in hand; what God has done is provide evidence for the TEMPORAL EYE, as well as the EYE OF FAITH. Certain are pleasing to the carnal mind. Then there is evidence, often the same evidence, just interpreted differently, for the eye of faith. Both eyes can use the same evidence to make their point. Both can use the same thing for their foundation. One of two ways. One is to hearken to the voice of God and hearken unto him, or you are in the rejection-substitution mode and you will leave him out and move in the opposite direction.” D&C 124:39

39 Therefore, verily I say unto you, that your anointings, and your washings, and your baptisms for the dead, and your solemn assemblies, and your memorials for your sacrifices by the Sons of Levi, and for your oracles in your most holy places…”

“Oracles are revelations in holy places when you hear conversations take place, where you should be paying attention to the Lord. And one of the things that come to my mind, is when Satan is tempting Eve to go contrary to the laws of God. Satan is very quick to show his basic approach. “I have said nothing about Father.” His approach to man is that you deal with earth as if there is no God. That is Satan’s basic approach. You can learn the system with God in it, or not. That is your basic decision in life. They will eventually come at odds with each other, for the theories of men generally conflict with the laws of God. At that point, you have to deal with that yourself. God has put evidence there for any person to believe what they want.”

“God isn’t worried about us learning concerning the earth. He wants us under it, on it, above it, in the oceans, anywhere we want to search; with just one caution. WHATEVER YOU STUDY, STUDY IT BY FAITH.”

Faith in the Pillars of Eternity

“Elder Bruce R. McConkie described three doctrines as the ‘Three Pillars of Eternity.’
(1) Creation
(2) Fall
(3) Atonement
“What is interesting is that the Lord has told us that each of these has occurred, but gives no details on how they occurred. Notice how the information came through the veil to Adam; Through God’s own voice, through visitations of Angels, and the Holy Ghost. Information concerning these does not come through the veil easily. We can ask hard questions that, at this point, cannot be answered by anybody. You will hit the wall of faith on all three. We must have faith in these three.” — Robert J. Norman