"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."
August 19, 2006

Like a Rock

What we too often fail to realize is that at the same time we covenant with God, he is covenanting with us — promising blessings, privileges, and pleasures our eyes have not yet seen and our ears have not yet heard. Though we may see our part in the matter of faithfulness as going by fits and starts, by bumps abd bursts, our progress erratic at best, God’s part is sure and steady and supreme. We may stumble, but he never does. We may falter, but he never will. We may feel out of control, but he never is. The reason the keeping of covenants is so important to us is at least partly because it makes the contract so binding to God. Covenants forge a link between our telestial, mortal struggles and God’s celestial, immortal powers. — Patricia Holland, God’s Covenant of Peace, in The Arms of His Love, p. 372