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Mormon Temples Virtual Tour

salt lake temple

Salt Lake City Temple

After construction and before a temple has been dedicated the public is invited to enter and view the rooms. Hundreds of thousands of people attend these open houses. After the formal dedication, the temple is closed to tourists because the Latter-day Saints begin using the temple to perform sacred ordinances.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these open houses, you can take a look at the inside of a mormon temple with this virtual tour:

  • The Baptistry
    In baptistries, Latter-day Saints act as proxies in the ordinance of baptism for someone deceased.

  • Endowment Room
    Endowment rooms are where mormons receive instruction, ordinances, and covenants that explain how we can fulfill our eternal potential and return to live with our Heavenly Parents.

  • Brides Room
    The brides room is a dressing room for brides and the female members of her party.

  • Sealing Room
    Sealing rooms are where families may be united for time and eternity. Marriage does not have to end at death.

  • Celestial Room
    The celestial room is a place of exquisite beauty and serenity, where one may feel and meditate "in the beauty of holiness" (Holy Bible, Ps. 29:2).

  • Waiting Area
    After a patron has finished an ordinance session in the temple, he or she can use the waiting area until the rest of the party is ready to leave.


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