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Accusatory Questions

by W. John Walsh

Why don't Latter-day Saints openly discuss the teachings of the temple in detail?

President Hugh B. Brown has said:

"Sometimes our friends have asked what do we do in the temples. While there is nothing secret about what goes on in the temple, it is sacred and some things are so sacred that we do not discuss them except in holy places." (The Abundant Life, p.133)

Elder Bruce R. McConkie has taught:

"Ordinances performed in the Lord's sanctuaries, though not secret, are of such a sacred nature as to be reserved for the eyes and ears and hearts of those only whose attained spiritual maturity prepares them to receive the mysteries of the kingdom. Temple ordinances, whether ancient or modern, are not published to the world; their sacred nature witnesses that they should not be bandied about by brutish persons; that which is spiritual and sacred must not be held up to mockery or be made the object of raillery by carnal men.  We can, however, speak in general terms of what is done in temples; we can name the ordinances and tell their purpose and intent; and we can quote from the scriptures such passages as speak in guarded and reserved terms of those things which are reserved for the faithful only." ( The Mortal Messiah, Vol.1, p.104 - p.105)

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