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Accusatory Questions

by John Walsh

Will you, as a Mormon, please read the Bible cover to cover and ask God to reveal to you that it contains all of God's message to man and that parts are not lost or altered and that the Book of Mormon is false?

I have read both the Bible and the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and prayed about their respective truthfulness. In answer to my sincere prayer, God told me that both were his word and both were true, but neither one was the complete and final expression of his will. He told me that I would receive more of his word as soon as I was capable of receiving it.

The Bible makes no claims for being either inerrant or the final word of God. I am continually surprised when people make claims for the Bible that it does not make for itself. As stated in our Articles of Faith, Latter-day Saints believe both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are true.

(See LDS Belief in the Bible; Book of Mormon home page; The Canonical or Biblical Exclusion)

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