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A Better House?

by Anonymous

To the sister troubled by the Anti-Mormon stuff on the 'net. I would direct a few questions. If you leave the church, where will you go? Is your path defined as moving *to* something better, or by moving away *from* what you have? So many people get themselves wrapped up in the anti stuff that they don't stop and think about what's happening. The anti's (that I've seen) have nothing to "sell". They spend no time teaching or explaining their beliefs, only time to tear down others.

I liken one's faith to a house. Don't come in and say my house isn't up to code, the colors are wrong, and try to demolish it while I'm in it. Show me/Build me a better house. Show me an apartment and I will move out of my cardboard box. Show me a house and I will move out of my apartment. So our house has a few problems. There is a mouse in the attic, the kitchen appliances may be dated, and the paint in the hall clashes with the living room. Is that any reason to take up residence outside under the bridge? Or share a studio apartment? The church isn't perfect. It's run by mere mortals who are still learning and trying to work out their salvation too. We learn by failing, so we are given the room to fail. Does that mean all that the church stands for is false?

Start asking the anti's questions, "Where did I come from?", "Why am I here?", "Where am I going?" I think you will quickly find that the anti's can't come up with anything better. They can "compete" only by tearing down others. Teaching is what our missionaries do. Ask for no less from others. Seek builders, not destroyers.

Also ask yourself is the "Teflon Test" is a good test for the truth? We have a strange idea that the truth must be able to defend itself from all falsehood. I believe that to be true in the eternities and the final judgment, but I don't think that will necessarily hold on earth at this time. Anyone who has cleaned a house will know that is it much easier to throw mud and dirt then to clean it up. Just because it's printed doesn't make to true. Just because it quotes sources, don't mean the sources are any good. Some "sources" are little more then rumors or falsehoods repeated over and over again. There are things we simply don't know the answer for, and there are gaps in the history. Don't let detractors use that as "proof" that we are all wrong.

If you are determined to study this stuff, here's my tip: If you find two errors, that is two falsehoods, two arguments that are deceptive or untrue, throw out all the material out from that source because they don't care about truth. I say two errors to give some benefit of doubt. That was a tip the missionary teaching me gave when I was presented with anti stuff during my conversion process. It's a good tip and it still works.

Ultimately, it comes down to revelation and testimony. If you haven't been getting it, then it's time to sit down and decide where you're going. Just because you are LDS and belong to the right church, doesn't mean that you've got it made. Work on the basics. Daily scripture, Daily prayer, stay worthy.

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