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Gospel In Action Challenge

The Primary presidency challenges you to earn your Gospel in Action award. You should have received a card that tells you about the award and how to earn it.

In addition to the ideas listed in the card, we have more ideas that you can use to receive your award. These relate to the things we learned about during our "Every BODY a Missionary" activity.

Testimony Basics:

Pray for one month every day

Read scriptures daily for one month

Choose and present a way to share your feelings about the scriptures

Be a Good Example:

Plan and complete a service project that will help someone in your neighborhood or community

Choose an area in your life that you’d like to improve to help you be a better example. Work on that area for one month

Be a Good Friend:

List ways to become a better friend and practice some of them for one month.

Invite a friend’s family to join your family in an activity you planned

We encourage you to look at the card with your parents, set goals in each area, and work to complete them. When you complete a goal, tell us and we will sign it off. When you complete a goal in all five areas, we will give you your Gospel in Action award during Primary. If you did not receive a card, let one of the presidency members know. We will make sure you receive one. We know that working on the goals you set for this award will bless your life. We hope you will accept our challenge. You can do it!



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