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Large Group Fun

These activities, which are easy to prepare, are great for large family and neighborhood gatherings. A simple activity like one of these can make the difference between a dull get-together and a very successful activity. Each activity can be adapted for all age-groups and areas.


Use any of these activities in a family or neighborhood get-together. Or use your creativity to find ideas from other people or to make up your own.

1. Treasure hunt. This activity is designed for preschool- and early elementary-age children. It is especially good for a park or other outdoor area, but children will also enjoy an indoor version on a rainy day.

Make a list of items that the children could find fairly easily. If your hunt will be on the beach, include such items as sea shells, driftwood, and so forth. If your hunt will be in the mountains, use evergreen branches, rocks, and so forth. Make a copy of the list for each child. If some of the children cannot read, draw or glue on a picture of each item so even the young ones can find the items by themselves.

Have the children find all of the items on their list, as they can, and put the treasures in their bags. Have them bring the items back to be checked off when they are finished. Award prizes—to the first person finished, to the person who found the most treasures, to each person, or for each treasure found. Simple prizes will turn this activity into a real favorite of the little ones.

2. "Can You Find Out?" This is a good activity to get everyone talking and learning new things about each other.

Each person will need a copy of the worksheet "Can You Find Out?" and a pencil.

Instruct everyone to get the signature of someone in the room or area who answers the question asked in each box on the worksheet. You can set a time limit or see who finishes first. You may change the questions or make up your own if you wish.


Directions: Find people in the room who fit the questions below. Get one person's signature in each box.
Who has the same first initial as you? Who has a birthday in the same month as yours?
Who is a grandparent? Who was born out of the state of ________?
Who has a toothbrush the same color as yours? Who has been to Hawaii?
Who went to the University of ______? (a college in your area) Who has been out of _______ in the last month? (your city)
Who is wearing a gold wedding ring? Who is wearing the same color dress or suit as you are?
Who is wearing glasses? Who plays the piano?
Who is not married? Who has on blue shoes?
Who wears the same size shoe as you do? Whose family has the same number of children as yours?
Who went to Brigham Young University? Whose eyes are the same color as yours?
Who served a mission in another country? Who has a beige carpet?

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