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Scripture Mastery Ideas

Here's a neat site that is wonderful for fun quizzes, scripture mastery review...whatever!

Scripture Bee
I chose a scripture card, not too long, and gave the kids about 5 minutes to work on memorizing it.  Then I had them all stand at the front of the room in a row.   Beginning on one end, I had the first person say the first word of the verse, the second person say the second word and so on. When a person didn't remember the next word or said the wrong word, he had to sit down.  Then we started all over again from the beginning.  I alternated ends tto start on.  We didn't make it to the end of the verse, but they sure know the first half well!  It was surprising the ones who got knocked out of the game soonest.  The best memorizer in class got knocked out about half way through because he was thinking ahead too far and said the next person's word.   My son won, but the girl who was next to last to be knocked out is a girl who has not really enjoyed seminary much.  This was really a needed success for her.  I thought maybe the kids who were sitting down would be bored, but they were better at spotting the mistakes than I was and really got into it.  Tomorrow we'll do the last half of the scripture.  I guess what this activity taught me was that if you don't find  a way to catch a person's enthusiasm one day, persevere with variety and sooner or later that student will really enjoy what you have done. ~Julie

Norman and Molly Mormon
I submitted this idea to the list a while back, so if it is a repeat to you, forgive me :) ...... I cut out pictures of famous (young) actors, 1 male, 1 female, called them Norman and Molly Mormon, gave the kids 3x5 cards with the sm references on them (25 cards divided between the class members) and asked them to write a problem concerning Molly, and/or Norman, that could be addressed in that particular scripture.  Some of the kids really used their imagination....and then use the cards to chase with from time to time, with the (laminated) pictures on a flannelboard in front of class. ~Kate

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